"Write the book you would like to read."


A phrase so simple and, at the same time, so powerful that it changed my way of seeing life.


What would happen if you had the opportunity to read a book about your life?

What would you like to read? What you’re doing right now – is that what you would like to read

about later?


Those questions have always been in my head, and the answers have always been the same.


I would like to read about adventure; I would like to read about the beautiful northern lights and the seals in Iceland; about how incredible the people in Cuba are, and about my friends in Spain and Colombia.


About how incredible the view is when you climb to the top of a mountain, and how beautiful it is to dive next to a turtle swimming in the water.


I want to read love stories; about helping people; I want to read a book full of miracles.

I want to read about how much I love my family – how much I want my son to be proud of his father when he grows up and how much I myself tried to be a good son, a good brother, a good father and a good human being.


I want to read that I wasn't the best photographer in the world, but one of the most blessed.


That's why I love photography, because it has helped me to tell my story better.

Every day is an opportunity to write something that I would enjoy reading later.


"I love photography,

because it has helped

me to tell my

story better."


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